Native Omaha Days Festival

Every other year, thousands of Native Omahans return to N. 24th Street and N. 30th Streets in North Omaha for reunions, music, laughs, hugs, smiles, food, entertainment, worship, business and much more. Now featuring well over 30+ events hosted by dozens of organizations, Native Omaha Days has become a national model for cultural celebrations.

Photographed by Omaha World Herald

Vera Johnson and Bettie McDonald – Founders of Native Omaha Days”.  



Our Mission

The Native Omahans Club, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization that promotes social and general welfare, granting scholarships, and promoting cultural and recreational activities for the inner city, the neighborhoods of North Omaha, and the Greater Omaha community.

Since 1976

Origin of the Native Omahans Club

The vision for a reunion of Native Omahan was first arranged as a North Omaha Homecoming in 1976.  Less than a year later, the original founding planning members, Vera Johnson and Bettie McDonald started the tradition of the week-long celebration which became what is now known as Native Omahan Days.  A full 7 days straight of celebrations.  These events reunite former residents to a city.Celebrated every two years, Native Omahan Days is a culture defining force for North Omaha. Now approaching its 22nd Biennial, Native Omahan Days has reached a peak, influencing cultural programming along 24th street and adjacent North Omaha neighborhoods.